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Walk the talk

Start your day in an active way and join us at the traditional Walk the Talk, this time around in beautiful Tel Aviv!

Enjoy an early morning activity of your choice.

Pre-register for these activities at the registration desk onsite.


When: Monday 12 September, Tuesday 13 September and Wednesday 14 September

At what time: 06:30-07:30

Meeting point for all activities: Hilton Tel Aviv front desk

Activities available: SAP, surfing, yoga, stretching, Pilates, 2 km walk and 2 km run

What to bring: Bathing suit for SAP and surfing only, comfortable clothes, a towel, and water for all activities

Where is it taking place: SAP, surfing and yoga at the Hilton beach. Stretching and Pilates at the Hilton Tel Aviv. Walking and running will depart from the Hilton Tel Aviv

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